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Because our prices are based on so many different variables, we create custom quotes for all of our projects and do not publish a rate card. We know this can be frustrating for some clients, so we’ve developed a list of questions to help get us started on creating your quote. Be assured that your information will be received by a REAL person and you will get a REAL response. We can usually provide a quote in 24 hours or less if you furnish all of the information requested. Large scale projects or tours may take a bit longer and you may receive a phone call to discuss the job further.

The Kinetic Fly is designed for indoor fixed installations. Kinetic Fly are not intended for permanent use. Buying Kinetic Fly for rental use, you agree that such products will have Limited Rental Warranty.

Price of the Kinetic Lights System depend on specific of the your project. Please tell us more information about your project and fill the form below:

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